Custom Presentation

SimpliAGENDAAgenda Item creation, web form submission, mobile compliant, pre-meeting and post-meeting workflow management. No license fee required, comprehensive Microsoft Office integration, Unlimited workflow templates, unlimited support and unlimited training.  …. your community can improve agenda management efficiencies. 

Learn how:
  • To create meeting agendas
  • Report writers use creation wizards to initiate workflow approvals
  • Manage each step of the workflow with notes and attachments
  • Maintain a complete legislative history of each agenda item
  • How to find documents instantly with (Google like) searches
  • How Simpli-AGENDA  provides agenda creation efficiencies
  • Cloud application requires minimal to no IT burden
Records MANAGEMENT –  The fastest growing and award-winning Document and Records Management Solution. Powered by M-Files software with over 21,000 installation worldwide. In addition to the world class solution we also include a systems administrator to make managing any of your documents easier than you could have ever imagined.
Learn how:
  • Automated Retention and Document Classification
  • Email integration
  • Pre-Configured Vaults
  • Unlimited Training
  • Dedicated Administrative Support
  • Cloud application requires minimal to no IT burden


AgendaTRACA cloud application which enables civic government to quickly organize, store, search, print and publish key documents such as Agendas, Agenda Packets, Minutes, Ordinances, Correspondence and the ability to link video on demand.  …. product and pricing designed to help those communities with limited budgets.
Learn how:
  • Intuitive access for constituents
  • Google like searches
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Save Expensive printing costs
  • Integration with Audio and Video services
  • Private and secure user access for council members 
  • Surprisingly affordable.
  • Less than $20.00 per meeting with 3 years of online storage