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Millions are wasted on non-productive activities every year — the never-ending search for business-critical information, chief among them. Intelligent information management helps those companies recover much of that lost productivity, connects disparate repositories, so that users can find what they need in seconds, no matter where files are saved. Content is organized with metadata, so people can find information in a couple clicks with just a keyword — and the system will return the most relevant results. Not only that, but document management software (DMS) can be accessed from within many common tools — like Microsoft 365, Teams, Share Point and Salesforce — reducing the wasted time spent switching from one application to the next looking for documents.

The corridors of your workspace may be plagued with manila folders, collated stacks of documents, and endless rows of filing cabinets containing who-knows-what. DMS takes paperless document management from a pie-in-the-sky concept into the realm of possibility. A comprehensive information management solution takes digital documents to a new level with an intelligently organized, folder less solution backed up by robust automation. Whether it’s capturing an electronic signature, scanning a document, or seeing if anyone else is trying to modify the same document as you, DMS will keep your office better organized than ever before. With lightning-fast search capabilities, sophisticated document sharing, and native digital apps that work on iOS and Android, DMS manages your critical document tasks — all but eliminating the need for paper altogether.

Manually managing day-to-day processes is not a good use of employee time. DMS’s workflow automation helps you ensure consistency by verifying that every step in your business process is followed. Automated workflows streamline common business processes — like contract approvals, controlled content, and invoicing — so employees can focus on more important work.  DMS automatically sends a notification when there is a task that needs to be handled.  DMS monitors each step of the business process. All workflow steps are tracked in the version history of each file. You can audit-proof your business while gaining full visibility into all your important business processes.

Many companies are facing a serious new reality that requires a flexible working environment —where staffers need to have the same experience working from the office, home, hotel, airport, or coffee shop. Smart organizations are future-proofing their business by enabling secure access to documents and information while minimizing risk. By having the right information management software at the heart of your remote, flexible work strategy, you accomplish a number of important goals — essentially all at the exact same time: (1) anywhere, anytime access to all of the critical data they need to do their jobs in the most productive way possible and (2) an overarching strategy that applies not just to the sharing of information, but also works in accordance with all of the principles of governance, compliance and security

With DMS, teams can work together — and with external stakeholders — like a well-oiled machine. Staff can easily manage all the documents and the whole lifecycle of business processes with internal and external parties. Users can route content via workflows to ensure that everyone adhere to processes, deadlines, and regulations. Eliminate duplicate documents and version control issues, as DMS allows users to simply share a link to one common version — ensuring efficient and secure collaboration. Multiple people can edit the same file simultaneously. Co-authoring is made simple with just one shared version for everyone to work with.

An investment in DMS ECM is an investment in information security.  DMS offers robust enterprise-grade security, protecting your documents from external and internal threats. Frontline security includes audit trails, federated authentication, enterprise file encryption in transit and at rest, intrusion detection, data loss prevention, high availability and more. Perhaps the most compelling information security safeguard is the unprecedented power and flexibility of user access control management.  DMS ensures that information is available to the people who need it, and inaccessible and invisible to those who do not need it or are not authorized to access it. Access permissions can be controlled by user, group, role, as well as any metadata property. This provides the ability to support advanced access control policies without scripting, and the flexibility to address even unforeseen needs that arise in the future.

About Datanet – For the past twelve years, DATANET has sold competitive Records, Document and Agenda Management solutions.  During this period, customers related that, while they needed some of the functionality of these more complex solutions and have many of the same reporting challenges of larger communities but did not have the budget to implement large enterprise solutions nor did they have internal IT resources to manage these larger products. We have been working with M-Files for the past 10 years.

About M-Files – M-Files is an intelligent information management platform that helps companies make smart connections across the business and automate critical business processes, while at the same time keeping information secured and controlled. In the most recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platform, M-Files was positioned as a Visionary.