DATANET Bookkeeping Services


Monthly Bookkeeping:

Are you in need of a pro to maintain your accounting records? Monthly, DATANET will categorize and reconcile, giving you reliable data each month; DATANET will communicate with your accountant and create customized reports… all while you work on your business. DATANET is a second set of eyes on your books. Starting at $175 monthly for basic bookkeeping services.

Prepare your books for tax time

Are your bookkeeping records a mess? You’ve never reconciled. You have hundreds of transactions you need to add. Your reports are unreliable. Your balances don’t match. DATANET will get you caught-up and reconciled…. your accountant will thank you!

How neat are your books

Let DATANET do a 28-point diagnostic review of your books. DATANET will identify trouble areas, transactions and accounts needing a tune up. DATANET will look for old balances in undeposited funds, personal transactions or large negative balances lingering in an account. You’ll received a report detailing our findings and recommendations on how to move forward!

Get organized from the beginning

Are you just getting started? Set your company up with our cloud online bookkeeping service now. DATANET will get your books organized from the beginning so you don’t miss a beat to grow your business. DATANET will train you staff and give expert tips… link your bank accounts, customize invoices and reports as needed. Your accountant can access your records anywhere, anytime. Starting at $250 for a new business.