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Why Bloatware is keeping your Clerks Department Bogged Down

The dangers of ‘fluff features’ or bloatware. If you’ve used a PC, laptop or smartphone, you’ve encountered bloatware. It’s the pre-installed programs, apps and features on your devices that you don’t want, need or use.

At best, bloatware soaks up valuable battery and memory. At worst, it can prevent you from finding tools that help make your life and job easier.

Case in point:

One of the main reasons government software solutions are out of reach for so many civic organizations is because they’re designed (and priced) for big cities. These tools are packed with features – aka bloatware – that are hard to use and drive the final price tag sky high.

The good news? Your organization doesn’t need the same tools that a big city does.  This is what tools designed specifically for small governments look like:

  • It takes minutes – not hours or days – to digitally distribute agendas, packets, meeting minutes and more to your constituents and stakeholders.
  • Get rid of bulky files in less than a week. Then use one centralized platform to store, search, share, modify and access your organization’s documents.
  • No more creating agendas – or accompanying documentation – from scratch before every meeting. Last minute changes are fast and easy to make, even during an election.

We designed our Meeting Management Suite of products (Simpli-Agenda; Records Management and AgendaTrac)- for small governments, not big cities. And the price and features reflect that.

There’s no confusing bloatware you’ll never use. It’s only what you need at a price that can accommodate any size organization. The best part: you can use the entire suite OR just the products your organization needs. Pay for what you need!

Right now, we’re offering free 30-minute consultations, so you can get a one-on-one walkthrough of all our Meeting Management Suite modules. This is the perfect opportunity to get an inside peek at what going digital could look like for your organization and ask any questions you have about the process.